About us

It’s the tranquil Japanese atmosphere and specialised treatments that makes Ikoi Spa different from the rest. We work with a wide range of health and beauty traditions and only use the highest quality products. But what makes Ikoi truly unique is our signature treatment, The Enzyme Spa, the very first and only in New Zealand


I have luxuriated in many spa treatments over the years, and while I have deeply enjoyed most of them, the ENZYME SPA experienced at Ikoi Spa was definitely the most unique and unforgettable spa treatment I have ever had. There was a distinct mother-earth feel to the treatment - which felt warming, relaxing and therapeutic. My body felt at peace. Afterwards I felt subtly energized, refreshed and revitalized, and strangely joyful. Other aspects I loved… was the spa itself, so serene and tranquil, and the therapists - who were gracious, gorgeous, skilled and professional. Thanks Ikoi Spa for a wonderful experience.

Fran Ninow
Joint Editor & Publisher, Verve Magazine

The warmth and soothing woody fragrance of the Enzyme Spa was a very unique experience lingering during  the days ahead reminding me how precious it is to take time out and relax. The increased warmth and oil content in my skin was  evident especially on my arms, legs and torso and my skin felt soft and smooth to the touch due to the natural exfoliation that occurs during immersion within the wood spa. The professional spa therapists at Ikoi provided a memorable service and the Grand Finale Shiatsu Massage contributed toward my having increased energy and the deepest sleep experienced for many years. ikoi Spa – a 7 Star Spa experience in serene surroundings.

Rosemary Currie
Director, Infinisea-Thalgo NZ

I have never felt so well as I did after an afternoon at Ikoi Spa in Takapuna, the Enzyme Spa followed by the Japanese massage was so detoxing and incredibly relaxing. A staff member is with you the entire time to ensure your comfort and hydration. This was an international experience had on my own back doorstep.

Karey Walker
Senior Advertising Manager, Mindfood Magazine

Ikoi is quite simply a sanctuary tucked away in the heart of Takapuna – a complete escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The enzyme spa is a must-try for anyone looking to detox or just experience something totally new and unique!

Lucy Slight
Features Editor & Acting Beauty Editor, Fashion Quarterly Magazine

A++++++++ Highly Recommended relaxation Spa right in the middle of a chaotic Auckland city. From the moment you open the door you are greeted not only with peace but the utmost professional atmosphere (not to mention beautiful Enzyme drinks, teas and authentic Japanese treats). Ikoi Spa envelopes you with a sense of calm and it's exquisite Enzyme spa is a treatment like no other, a unique experience with total relaxation and the perfect place to drift away to a dream land. After relaxing in the heat of the dry spa, rinsing off in the rainforest shower and completing the detoxing in the rest area, I went into another room to finish off with my first ever dry massage…..and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! - Ikoi gives a true meaning to Spa luxury!

Renee Morey
International Sales Educator