A membership that your body will thank you for

Escape, relax and unwind in the tranquil setting of ikoi spa. Let us help reduce stress, increase your energy levels and improve your general wellness. The more you come, the healthier you feel!

Be-Well Membership

- $980 ikoi credit
- 10% off ALL Spa Treatments including Gift Boxes/Vouchers

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Terms and Conditions

ikoi Loyalty Membership Card is provided to offer benefits to our regular clients. In applying for a Loyalty Membership you agree to the terms below.

Expired Date

Credit expires in 2 years from the date of purchase

Conjunction with other Promotions of any sorts

You cannot use loyalty in conjunction with discounted treatment or promotions.

Sharing credit with friends and family

When you wish to use your Loyalty credit to pay for someone else’s treatment, you need to notify us beforehand and confirm in writing ie: email, text messages to give us permission to do so.

Do I still receive discount even there is no enough credit in my account?

If you don’t have enough credit in your account to cover the treatment, you will not get a discount unless you top up again. In the situation where you have credits more than half of your treatment price, then discount will be applied to the whole amount and the you can pay the difference.

Forgot / Lost Card

Please let us know asap if you lost your membership card. We will put the card on hold and issue a new one for you after confirmation

Can someone bring my card and use my credit?

If your friend or family given your membership card, we don’t need your signature but we still to call you to confirm that they are able to use this card. Don’t worry, we won’t call you in front of your friends.

To buy discount gift vouchers

Yes, when you purchase gift voucher through your membership, you are receiving the same discount as the treatment.